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I don’t think there needs to be yet another link to this, but…

I feel like I should still direct readers to a full translation of Satoshi Kon’s Farewell Letter done by Makiko Itoh if they haven’t seen it yet and they’re interested. It’s hard not to feel something while reading it: the graciousness, the humor, the open honesty, the feeling of facing his next adventure head on, and so on. As I commented in another post that linked to the translation:

Reading his farewell letter, I thought to myself, “this is the same Kon that I’ve seen in his works”, and it made me smile despite the situation. I only wish I was able to meet the man himself in person while he was still alive.

It’s still surreal in a way, even though I only know him from his work in anime and manga. Omo at least is able to explain it in a way better than I could in regards to that.

At any rate, having just received this in the mail today, I’ll at least be able to get just a little bit more into the mind of a very interesting gentleman.

Satoshi Kon and His Legacy To One (Loser) Anime Fan

By TheBigN

In the fall of my Freshman year of college (where I really started developing my love for anime, all things considered), I found out that my college anime club always had some sort of special anime to show during the time of Halloween. Obviously the work had to have some sort of relation to the themes of the holiday, and usually the tone of whatever  is shown is related to horrors and thrillers of some sort, and not being a fan of those genres (heh), I was a little apprehensive about what was planned. For that year, the special work was a movie called Perfect Blue, about an idol who decides to make a career change to become more of a mainstream figure in entertainment. The film introduced me to the idea of idol culture in Japan, the perceptions and expectations that go with it from those that are fans of the culture, and what happens when those perceptions and expectations are not met or worse, completely dashed. While the story itself was probably more exaggerated in terms of what happened to young Mima, recent stories about the troubles of Aya Hirano among others shows how serious those hopes can be, but I’m digressing here.

The namesake character from Paprika.

The namesake character from Paprika. By deliciosa:

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Review of Satoshi Kon: the illusionist

by dm00

Book cover

I just finished Andrew Osmond’s Satoshi Kon: the illusionist. I recommend it for any Kon fan — it’s full of tidbits gleaned from Kon interviews (including an email interview done by Osmond), and discusses Kon’s works, Kon’s life, and Kon’s attitudes toward his own works. Osmond is a fan — he is a prominent poster on the Nausicaa-net mailing list back in the day — and he knows how to appreciate Kon’s works. Reading the book is like spending an afternoon with an articulate, film-literate friend talking about Kon’s films, with nary a whiff of cineaste pretentiousness.

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