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Spring 2011 Anime Initial Impressions

Another day, another late quick impressions post. As with the impressions done last season, Link’s the main author here, and when TheBigN or dm00 post, we’ll indicate it by name and by color. Continue reading ‘Spring 2011 Anime Initial Impressions’

Seikon no Qwaser 13 was overwhelming.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a show that can consistently make me stare incredulously at it while thinking “I can’t believe that just happened”, and Seikon no Qwaser is fitting the bill quite nicely. Tasteless or not, the show just rolls around in its refuge in audacity, openly flaunts its source material and takes actions regarding nudity and intentional eroticism much farther than I would think possible for a late-night anime even, and in a way, it’s pretty damn admirable. Episode 13 takes the show to a higher level, with a premise to the episode that could be so exploitable in a way that Shin would really enjoy it (feeling sorry, but not too sorry for Sasha here), the unabashed constant presence of cheesecake fanservice throughout (to the point where 95% of the show I couldn’t screencap and post on this blog ever), and a pretty awesome giant muscular nun in Nikuma, who performs the most epic “asset”-grabs ever in anime, imo.

Yes this is the nun. And one of the best moments of the episode.

Yes this is the nun. And one of the best moments of the episode.

This episode was hilariously over the top and “wrong” (it’s very hard not to say that my general response was OMGWTFLOL for serious), and I would be very hard pressed to see any the rest of the show being as great as this.  It’s one of the best episodes of this year so far, no joke. Seriously, if Nikuma happened to be voiced by someone like Norio Wakamoto or Jouji Nakata, this episode would have basically been the “Show’s over. Everybody go home.” moment, and I would be perfectly fine with that.  Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Katya-Hana moments like way back in episode 4, with a scene that still stays in my mind for “various” unwholesome reasons.

On a side note, the new OP by Yousei Teikoku is pretty solid.

On another side note, this would have been my birthday post had my internet cooperated with me some minutes earlier. Oh wells. 😛

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