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Wake me next season?

by dm00, doing an impression of the Anti-TBN


Hikari is not impressed (from Hoshi no negai wo - Cold body X warm heart)


In a place I hang out, I’ve seen this season called outstanding by a couple of people, but I’m not seeing it. For me, a season that includes Tatami Galaxy and House of Five Leaves is outstanding, this season doesn’t promise anything like that.


  • Sounds like it’s a creepy little sister incest show. Sorry, I’m done with the whole otaku-wish-fulfillment premise, at least until Genshiken II gets animated.
  • A certain Biribiri-deprived index. None of the previous incarnations of this world have measured up, though Mikoto and her incarnations tried really hard.
  • Cirno-of-the-seaFutakoi Alternative did the whole squid-invasion thing much better, if somewhat inconclusively. Puke pasta did make me smile, though. (Made my mouth water, too. (Ugh.))
  • The save-point God only knows. The otaku-centric premise strikes again.
  • NieA Under Bridge. This series had already grown tedious halfway through the first season. Why does this get an almost immediate sequel when Bakemonogatari still has mono to gatari? My Shaft-credulity only stretches so far.

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Shaft despairs

by dm00

A commenter over at Jason’s place pointed this out.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, episode 7, about 10:02

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, episode 7, about 10:02

If the above doesn’t come out as an animated gif, try here.

Text slowed down a bit:

What. outta money after moving to a new office?!
Gotta cut corners to make a profit. huh!?
Your production costs are the same but other companies are selling a lot better!
You really can’t pull this off at the same time as Ghostory, can you!
The pictures aren’t moving! You can’t even call this animation!
The anime industry’s collapsing!

Update: And, two seconds into the much-maligned episode 10 of Bakemonogatari:



Sometimes, all you can do is say farewell

by dm00


I think it is a mistake to view ef – a tale of melodies as a sequel to ef – a tale of memories.  Instead, I think the two series are best seen as a single work (like Omo, I am tempted to explore the games and the graphic novels, to see what they add to the five intertwining stories). That work tells the story of Yuu and Yuuko — how they parted, and how they were reunited, and how Yu finally learned to be able to say goodbye.

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