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A “Character Study” on Hidamari Sketch with Pictures and Sentences. Duh.

Written by TheBigN

I’m not the only one that’s pleased that someone has finally subbed the Hidamari Sketch specials (now if only Sketchbook could finish at least :P). As you’ve seen on this blog, the series is one of my favorites, and I keep trying to get people to take a look at it, and it’s working slowly but surely. :3 And I figure that it’s been a while (not really) since I’ve written a post on Hidamari that I should set up shop again. Besides making me wonder what would have happened had Shinbo and co. taken a more… proactive approach on the show (I think it would be awesome fun, but then I usually think that about most SHAFT productions), the specials reminded me how much I liked the characters and the things they do. Since I’m a very easy person to please, I was pleased so much by these two episodes that I felt like showing most of the cast off here. To help with this, I’ve included a shot or two that I thought personifies most, if not all of, the qualities that I see in each of the characters. All of these pictures are from the first Hidamari special, which is made of much win and awesome, though the second special is the same way, only in different areas. This is all in fun (i.e, not meant to be a great post), and as always, feel free to add on, take off, or conflagrate my thoughts as you see them here.

Our main foursome enjoying some well-earned summer break. Comes in an innumerable amount of flavors.

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Thankful for Anime, 2007

Written by TheBigN

Granted, this will be bit earlier than usual for some, but why not get that head start in anyways? 😀

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