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Impressions on a Year 2008: Scintillating Soundtracks

By TheBigN

Part 1: Interesting People
Part 2: Awesome OP/EDs
Part 3: Fun Phrases

Unlike the openings and closings of anime this year, good standalone series soundtracks (that is, good in my subjective lack of taste sense) have been hard to find for me, which is a little sad. That said, there were some pretty nice ones that I felt provided a complete listening experience, or ones that kept my interest throughout (sorry Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-, Spice and Wolf and Kamen no Maid Guy. Yes, I do include the latter here). Feel free to tell me hour wrong I am here, and some better choices, as well as some that I should hear as well (like the Naburi no Ou OST, which I should check out soon). Again, musical taste is subjective, and mine could be sorely lacking. 😛

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Impressions on a Year 2008: Awesome OPs/EDs

By TheBigN

Part 1: Interesting People

This year was insane with the amount of anime openings and endings that I liked, and it was hard to narrow down the amount to a “reasonable” number… so I didn’t really attempt to. But these ones here (coupled with Youtube videos) are the ones that stick in my mind the most over the year visually, aurally, or both. That being said, there is a list of Honorable Mentions at the end of the post to include OP/EDs that were also good, but stuff I could easily leave as well. I’m much more critical of music than I am of anime, but doesn’t mean that I have standards. 😛

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