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What’s on your wish-list?

by dm00

With the licensing of Xam’d and (previously) Toradora, I thought my wished-for list of anime licenses was growing pretty short.

Then I sat down to enumerate it, and I realized my list still had a ways to go (in no particular order):

  • Summer Wars
  • Mind Game
  • Tatami Galaxy
  • Kaiba
  • Kemonozume
  • Princess Arete
  • Starship girl Yamamoto Yohko (TV)
  • ef: a tale of me*o*ies
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Katanagatari
  • Angel’s Egg
  • Time of Eve (movie)
  • Welcome to the Space Show
  • Dennou Coil
  • Gakuen Utopia Manabi straight
  • Futakoi alternative
  • Kara no Kyoukai
  • Moyashimon
  • Yokohama kaidashi kikou (manga too, please — or, I’d be happy with just the manga, actually)
  • Durarara
  • Minky Momo: the Bridge of Dreams
  • Minky Momo: tabidachi no eki
  • The rest of Yawara!

(Some of these I’ve gone so far as to get (used, primarily) on R2 DVD, and may do more as years of not-being-licensed go by.)

Also, I’ve heard good things about My Mai Miracle, but I haven’t seen it. I’d spring for inexpensive releases of Shangri-la and Angel Beats, too.

This list would keep me ecstatic for a while, certainly.

What’s on your wish-list?

I have enjoyed my Time of Eve

by dm00


Watch Aquatic Language now!

Watch Aquatic Language now!


Time of Eve comes to an end (at least a temporary one) with a double-length broadcast centering not on Rikuo, Sammy, nor Nagi, but on Rikuo’s robot-averse friend Masaki.

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Time of Eve episode 3: “Koji and Rina”, the lovers


The real star of the show --- yet another of this season's Nagis.

The real star of the show --- yet another of this season's Nagis


By dm00

Episode three of Time of Eve (Eve no jikan) is now streaming at reformed pirates Crunchyroll. (DVDs soon, please. Crunchyroll just whets the appetite.)

As with the previous two episodes, this episode introduces another pair of regulars at the Time of Eve Cafe — this time, the lovers, Rina and Koji.





Once again, there’s a surprise twist used to deliver the episode’s “lesson” — even Masaki gains a bit more sympathy for the android point of view.  And once again, we’re treated to another surprising implication of Asimov’s three laws.

Nagi has a preternatural sense of hearing, or perhaps she has listening devices scattered throughout the cafe.  She also takes an impish delight in introducing Rikuo and Masaki to new horizons.  She needs an episode of her own — Bartender with a science-fiction twist.

Watch for the cameo of Pale Cocoon playing in the background on a TV.


Because you can't have enough Nagi

Because you can't have too much Nagi


I’ve enjoyed this director’s work since I saw Pale Cocoon (which has, as an extra, the first appearance of this cafe setting in the marvellous short Aquatic Language).  He has a deft touch with science fiction themes.

Sadly, it will be four months before the next installment.  The series is slated to have six episodes total.

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