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Horizon on the Border of Gensokyou

by dm00

All she needs is a frilly blue kimono, she’s already got the butterfly motif and the pink hair.

(I hope that image shows up as an animated gif.)

If Walsingham’s first attack in episode five of Horizon on the middle of nowhere II wasn’t evidence enough of Touhou influence, in episode six Kimi, Tomo, and the refugees arrive via Yukari-express:

Horizon on the border of Gensokyou

So many kinds of fan-service (billions and billions of fandoms served). So much action (has the sakuga brigade cottoned to Horizon yet?).

As a side note, much of the…. er, “scenery” and dialogue (especially Neito’s finishing move) seemed like a cocking of the snoot at the Horizon on tits project.

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ufoTable knows its gothloli danmaku

by dm00

A bullet-hell of stories rains down on the interwebs

Just watch:

and watch the first five minutes:

and watch from 13:50 to 16:00 (a more complete version of the scene in the first teaser):

… and tell me ufoTable hasn’t been ready to do this for a long time.

Nothing to see here… just repping the ⑨

Brew! Brew! Fight the powah!

by dm00

Ironically, "Moya-simon" is the spelling Del Rey plans to use for the manga

Ironically, "Moya-simon" is the spelling Del Rey plans to use for the Moyashimon manga

The Anime Grand Prix continues (earlier post here). This year, Oryzae was nominated again (and largely coasted through the initial elimination round on a “brew and memories” campaign, in which lastarial threatened us with apocalyptic visions of a fermentation-free alternate world.
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Unfulfilled Expectations or a Drastic My Anime Blog 2008 Primer

By TheBigN

So according to others, I was apparently supposed to be part of the “12 Days of Christmas” craze that’s sweeping the blogosphere, and I’m kinda confused on how that impression came to be. I’m planning on doing what I did last year with the “Impressions on a Year 2008” coming soon after Christmas, but nothing of the sort was happening before the holiday. At the same time, I feel guilty when I see links from other blogs saying that I’m participating in it when I’m not, so I figured that I should go and do something about it. And from the outset be lazy and selfish about it. So, instead of covering my thoughts on the year of anime that I saw, I decided to write about what I thought were the best posts on DMAB this year, even though December isn’t over yet. Of course there’s bias involved here (yay self-horn tooting!), so if you have different favorites than I do, please feel free to say so. Nor is this post itself going to be the pinnacle of good writing (as I’m tired and lazy right now), but I feel that this helps people who haven’t bothered to check out the blog before, and at least it gives me some time to reflect on things.

A mix-up almost as bad as this one?

A mix-up almost as bad as this one?

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By TheBigN(ot a Nintendo Fanboy)

Huge-sized pictures appear on this post, just to warn you. And I’m also probably not the best person to talk about this either, so feel free to correct me. Just to warn you. 😛

If you’ve been paying attention to this blog on some means other than just the posts and such, you might have noticed that I have a little fascination with this thing called Touhou. The header image should give that away if you know who the character is (especially when you notice that she tends to appear in many of my posts :P), as well as some of the sites that I link to on my blogroll (and these aren’t all of them) which have a strong focus on Touhou (BTW, if you’re going to Otakon, check out the Touhou panel there! </shameless plug>). I don’t remember too much about how exactly I became interested in the world that is Gensokyo, but I do know that conversations on IRC about the characters and their “quirks”, fan-created or otherwise, helped fan things. Now that I think about it, it’s interesting that I didn’t go first to the original and official source of the concept by playing the games and finding out how things worked from there. Instead I read some comics made by some fans (wholesome of course :P), and I was gone from there, despite not knowing too much about the main inspiration for all of them. Considering that usually, going from the original source to what the fans make tends to be the way to go, maybe something special was in the (spell) cards or something.

I think this is a good Shikieiki representation as to her role in Gensokyo.

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