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The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Osaka – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

Like the post from the Naota bracket, I post here with one half of brackets completed, and the other half close to finishing. As were nearing the end of the first round, hopefully things will become a little easier to work on. As for now, here’s some more interesting pieces to listen to. Continue reading ‘The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Osaka – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”’

Nomad’s Super Awesome Manga Review part Three + N.S.A.VN.R

By Nomad(Vote for Kamina)Otto
To begin with, I’d like to make a request of the Drastic community, vote for Kamina! No, seriously, it’s Saigar time, and on the 21st, Kamina is going up against Lord Genome in the Manliest Contest in Anime ™. Vote for whoever else you want in the other contests, but, Kamina holds a very special place in my heart, and he needs your votes. So, yeah, go to and vote!
On to stuff slightly more closely related to the mission of this blog. It’s time for another round of manga reviewing, but, since I haven’t really started reading anything new, so it’s closer reviews of stuff that I’m already reading, focusing on Cloth Road, Mirai Nikki, and Otaku no Musume-san. I figured I should probably give you some newer stuff as well, which means it’s time to talk about the trio of visual novels I’m currently “playing.” The big problem with visual novels is that there’s a metric crap-ton of text, and I don’t really have the time or free brain-cycles to sit around and read them. So, I tend to start one, play it for a while, get swamped with work, and, then, when some other one that I really want to play is released, start that one, etc. So, yeah, I’m still in the middle of Utawarerumono and Saya no Uta and you’ll hear a little bit about each game. If you’re interested, read on (and vote for Kamina), otherwise, do whatever else you want to, but vote for Kamina. Oh yeah, I’m going to be getting in the specifics of what’s going on in each volume, so you will probably be spoiled if you keep reading.

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