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Steins;gate 20: Grave of the dragonflies: a visual haiku

by dm00

Sometimes, though very rarely, anime gets it right. I’ve tried to be careful not to include any spoilers below (and so am leaving out some things I’d include otherwise), but this sequence from Steins;gate episode 20 is one of those times when sound design, direction, editing and imagery combine to a perfect dramatic moment.

A visual haiku.

Well played, White Fox.

(Update: Title changed to “Grave of the Dragonflies” (Tomb of the Tombos?) — old associations have a tendency to leak out my fingers when I’m in thrall to enthusiasm for something I’ve just seen.)

The second coming (no spoilers)

by dm00

Poem by W. B. Yeats, images gleaned from the net, with apologies to the artists.

(image source)

(image source)

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Madoka Magica 10 — No spoilers

by dm00

Someone takes a mis-step on the way home and lands in Guernica

...with a Van Gogh sky (or is that Edvard Munch?)

Okay, there is a spoiler below the fold, don’t look until you’ve watched the episode.

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Madoka Magica 9 (no spoilers)

by dm00

Those eyes. That ribbon.

Kyouko fans, this is your episode.

(There may be spoilers in the comments, so be warned.)

Madoka Magica 8 (no spoilers)

by dm00

Heart to heart talk

Sign of the apocalypse: Homura shows emotion.

(Can’t guarantee no spoilers in the comments, though, so…)

Madoka Magica 7 (no spoilers)

by dm00

I've been expecting this

Big pluses for this episode:

  • Shinbo stained glass!
  • Homura has more than three lines of dialogue!
  • Mensch Kyouko!


  • No MadokaMom (well, okay, maybe one spoiler)

Madoka Magica 6 (no spoilers)

by dm00

Dear Shaft,

Someday, please create an entire anime with Hajime Ueda designs.

Madoka Magica 5 (no spoilers)

by dm00

Endcard comes much too soon

Before this series is over, I am going to come to hate the opening chord of the end-credit song Magia.

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