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Bakemonogatari, episode 12, in one picture

by dm00


The moment of utter victory of one of the most surprising(ly) romantic heroines in a lifetime of anime viewing.

The Little Vagabond (William Blake meets Sakura Kyouko)

by dm00

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The second coming (no spoilers)

by dm00

Poem by W. B. Yeats, images gleaned from the net, with apologies to the artists.

(image source)

(image source)

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Madoka Magica 10 — No spoilers

by dm00

Someone takes a mis-step on the way home and lands in Guernica

...with a Van Gogh sky (or is that Edvard Munch?)

Okay, there is a spoiler below the fold, don’t look until you’ve watched the episode.

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Yumekui Kyouko

by dm00

Midriff moe (click for navel)

SHAFT can’t be jealous of Yumekui Merry‘s success, but they know otaku-trends.

Madoka Magica 9 (no spoilers)

by dm00

Those eyes. That ribbon.

Kyouko fans, this is your episode.

(There may be spoilers in the comments, so be warned.)

Madoka Magica 8 (no spoilers)

by dm00

Heart to heart talk

Sign of the apocalypse: Homura shows emotion.

(Can’t guarantee no spoilers in the comments, though, so…)

Madoka Magica 7 (no spoilers)

by dm00

I've been expecting this

Big pluses for this episode:

  • Shinbo stained glass!
  • Homura has more than three lines of dialogue!
  • Mensch Kyouko!


  • No MadokaMom (well, okay, maybe one spoiler)

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