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The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Naota – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”

By TheBigN

A little late to the party, as the first set of polls is already completed, and the second one is about ready to finish. But I’ll still keep pushing on. Continue reading ‘The Anime Music Tournament 2013 Bracket Naota – Round 1 – Polls 1-8 “Analysis”’

UK gets Tatami Galaxy on DVD

by dm00

If you have a multi-region DVD player, you, too, can seek the raven-haired beauty

For years British anime fans have been importing US anime DVDs. Now we in the US can return the favor.

When I ordered my copy from they didn’t charge this gaibrit value-added-tax, so, even with shipping, it was a little cheaper than the £25.99 list price.

In last Friday’s ANNCast, Funimation representatives Marketing manager Adam Sheehan and Director of Corporate Strategy Lance Heiskell talked about the prospects of titles they’d streamed, and it didn’t sound to me as though there’s any hope of a home-video release in the US.

I will be terribly embarassed if this turns out to be a boot-leg. However, none of the tell-tale signs are there: it’s not a region-free disk, the episodes are on three disks and not crowded onto two (or one).
Continue reading ‘UK gets Tatami Galaxy on DVD’

Sugimoto strikes again: Kore kurai de utau

by dm00
This short film (a music video) tells a/many delightful story/stories through its visuals:

It’s by Sugimoto Kousuke, whose work has been here before.

Anime has a future.

PS., if you have a Crunchyroll account/membership, seek out the short Korean animation, “Break Ups”, about a couple who discover a time-machine in the midst of a break-up. It takes them back to incidents in their past together. It’s a simple animation style, but I think it tells its story well. It reminded me, in visual style, of Tatami Galaxy (which itself has a theme of time travel).

Update:Omo tells me you can link to “Break ups” (I’d been intimidated by the subscribers-only talk on the page, thinking it was some big secret or something). Here it is.

Tatami Galaxy episode six: Formula changed

by dm00

Poor, poor Johnny.

A victim of mind/body dualism.

Move over, Mind Game. This is why I like animation.

Even though I’ve grown tired of anime that references other anime, Gendou as cerebrum gets a chuckle, and having Noiseman sit at the conference table beside him makes my heart sing.

Life in the Tatami Galaxy

by dm00

Imagine a long tracking shot down this hallway (photo from CNNgo)

A college dorm built in 1913, unmaintained for years, because the university wants to tear it down (a similar move in Tokyo in 2001 required over 500 security guards and staff to drag reluctant residents from that dorm).

Maybe thirty years ago it was in good enough shape to be Greenwood.

Check the CNN article’s comments for a note from a past resident of the dorm.

Stealing a page from the Ani-Nouto-book

by dm00

2Dteleidoscope on Tatami Galaxy:

I think that we’re seeing a Schroedinger love story, a romp through the multiverse tied together with the red string of fate.

If there is a Blogger-prose Hall of Fame, this sentence belongs in it. As Omo points out in the comments, the whole post is like a shaggy-dog story winding up synchronously with a nice pun and a nice look at Tatami Galaxy.

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